Eating the City: Busago


More like, Busa-don’t-go.

I know I know I know.
Anyone who knows me, will tell you about how I’ve raved about the chicken Khow Suey and the beef bulgogi from Busaba.


Allow me to clarify.

This is me reviewing Busago.
Not Busaba. They’re both two different places owned by Nikhil Chib.

However, Busago is cheaper, convenient Burmese on the go while Busaba is the relatively more expensive, more restaurant-esque place with a similar menu.

Anywho. Back to the food.

We arrived at Busago BKC, absolutely starved at around 2:30 in the afternoon.
Prompted by the menu to “YOLO it and eat dessert first”, I asked for a banoffee parfait.
And that, is when things started to go downhill.
For reals.

The parfait was the most disgusting version of a banoffee pie, actually, most disgusting version of ANY dessert I’ve ever tasted. Ever.
It was layers of crushed biscuits (not an element in a banoffee pie), followed by a layer of tacky, too sweet Milkmaid caramel (what my mother calls shortcut caramel) and a tiny bit of whipped cream on top, dotted with raw, sliced banana.
Also, the parfait was ridiculous hard. I used TWO spoons (two!!!) and still wasn’t able to carve into the rock of the third layer.
Whatever you do. Do not eat dessert at Busago.



Our chicken momo’s arrived next, which were good. However, note that we originally asked for pork but they ran out.
Of pork.
On a Wednesday afternoon at 2:30z

Grumble, grumble.

Next, we asked for the sticky veg rice with stir fry and a chicken curry.
Both of which were, once again, dis-gus-ting.

The vegetarian meal was flavourless, there were too many carrots and too few mushrooms (SAVING ON EXPENSES?!) and there was absolutely no salt.
Bland bland bland.

The chicken was a smidgen better but not great. It was simple pan fried meat in a standard gravy with noodles. Meh.
Additionally, the texture was really, really off. The meat was ground up too fine and uh, I really don’t know if it was chicken at all.


Oh, and the service was HORRIBLE.
The worst. Please don’t go.
Cool yourself a nice meal at home and watch some Law and Order.

If you really, really wanted to go to Busago for whatever reason, here’s a list of “safe foods”:
Beef Bulgogi (not in Maharashtra you can’t)
The Khow Suey : I didn’t order this the last time, but I do remember liking it.

That’s about it.
I haven’t eaten the Bahn Mi’s on the menu, simply because I don’t trust French Bread at Asian restaurants. Neither should you. If you want bread, go to LPQ.