heavy duty people

(Day One of the 30 day short story writing project)

It wasn’t the horrible rumbling that made her wince, it was what the doctor whispered to her. His breath felt warm on her neck, his breathing tickled her ear, making the little hair stand on end.

“Your fish have cancer.”

It was possibly the most ridiculous thing anyone had ever said to her. Cancerous fish? Had he completely lost his mind?
She lifted her head to look at him. His deep purple hair looked mortifying under the pale basement light and she shuddered. His eye patch seemed out of place, revealing puckered bits of orange-tinted skin.


He took a backward step away from her. The light now fell to the right half of his face, highlighting his tall, chiselled cheekbone and a deep brown eye.
That’s when she realised how you sometimes forget how beautiful people are, once you get used their beauty. Then it hits you out of the blue, and you’re entranced by their beauty again.

He looked young and handsome, carefree, just another doctor working in an underground basement.

Oh wait.