Hey! I’m Amani and I write this blog.
I’m TERRIBLE at introductions and I’m very, very awkward.
Eh heh heh.

I began this blog as a way for me to share food that I like to eat as I learn to cook food that I enjoy.

Although I started out with the intention of being a food blog, I eventually decided not to restrict myself and have turned my blog into a lifestyle blog. I now write about food, travel and post short stories!

I’m still fairly new to the blog world and am working my way through it, one post at a time. I love checking out new recipes and seeing things that you’ve made, so if it’s intresting, leave me a link!

Have a blog? Let me know so that I can visit.
I also write for the global panorama, here: www.theglobalpanorama.com as a food writer! look for me  in the lifestyle category under food.

This is my face. I swear I’m better looking.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Good luck with all the buttering around, Butterfingers!

  2. Hey Amani, I have been reading your blog ever since my dad showed it to me. I have mentally, like, made you my BFF. Sorry.
    Aaaaaand here’s a link to my blog+my twitter. I’d love it if you’d read it. I’ll follow you back (duh).


    @DuckyDuckyGo on twitter.

  3. I’m on instagram as well! @loocrepus
    Its a smart name coz if you invert the letters, it says “supercool”

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