of salt, the sea and simplicity

Hey there.

I’m one week away from my very last HSC paper and after that, ce sera tout.


I’ve been looking at my life for a whole now, and struggling with a lot of things.
What I’m doing, what I want to do in the future, how can I help make the earth a better place, how can I be a better human being?
All of these questions, in addition to general worry and this feeling of guilt, amongst other things, had me feeling a little down.

This weekend, we roadtripped to Aamby Valley and it’s one of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever been to me.
For me, travelling has always been therapeutic and wanderlust is basically a 365 day round maladie.


Our cabanas were stunning, with a lovely lake view and a private pool/jacuzzi(!!!)
The “tents” were beautiful and smelt like Patchouli and Lavender, both of which help me relax.

For the weekend, I carried a book that I’ve been working through, Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts.
In the book, he talks about a lot of stuff I’ve been thinking of.
So sitting in that little pool, in the sun, listening to Vance Joy and Iron & Wine, I put a lot of things into perspective.



I’m happiest when I’m travelling or creating or using my mind in some way that helps people.
I’m obviously someone who enjoys learning and sometimes, the pressure can get a bit too much.
I’ve been known to push harder on things that should just be simple.
And that internal pressure {or whatever}, is whats been causing all this trouble for me.

After hours of reading, the sun, tea and Joy’s crooning, I’ve settled on something that I think will help me.


I tend to overthink things and complicate them more than they should be.
I read into things, I jump to conclusions, I hurry, I push, I shove, I fall.
No more.




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