(Day 3 of my 30 day short strong writing project! It was my birthday yesterday and so I’ve been a little caught up. Sorry!)

She wore a sweatshirt that she’s had since she was 3. Her mum bought it for her.
Her body didn’t really grow.
The sweater felt like a warm hug on the freezing day, it was so cold outside.
It didn’t snow that day, she’d noticed if it had. She waited at the window for hours.

Her eyes didn’t leave the street. The oath was dotted with leaves. She could only see the world in black and white.

Her heart was as loud as lightening. It pounded against her ribcage like it wanted to run away.
It was then that she realised why they called it a rib CAGE.

Her eyes didn’t leave street. It had rained, there were pools of water everywhere and she just wanted yo run out and jump into them.
But her mum always yelled at her for getting the house dirty. She stayed.

It got warmer so she shrugged the sweater off. It feel off of her instantaneously, her body was a pile of bones. She felt so breakable now. Where was her mum?
Her eyes never left the street.
The pathway was covered in a blanket of snow, pure, unadulterated white and it sparkled in the sun. It shine like her mums necklace. Where was her mother?

She was hungry and tiredness ate away at her. Food was hard to find, sometimes her NaNa gave her food and the housekeeper at other times.
She didn’t leave the window, but no one else seemed to look for her mum.

Her eyes didn’t leave the street.

One day, when she had grown tired and her eyes refused to stay on the street, she closed her eyes gently. She felt her eyelids tenderly kiss the bottom of her eyes. It was so dark.

Soon she began to see someone walk towards her, she wore a red dress and heels just like her mum. Her hair shone in the sun as did her necklace. Her face was tired.

Mum reached down to pay her head and rub her belly. She loved when she did that.
“You’re so tired old girl. I’m here now. You can go.”
She sniffed her hand and licked her fingers. Her mum smiled tenderly.
“Go”, she whispered to her, kissing the top of her head. She put her head down on her lap.
Her mum was here and it was all again. She had waited.

And like that, she felt herself get up and bound down the street with limitless energy. She was a ball of raging fire. She ran and ran and she felt her mum laughing her, her melodious laughter echoed.
Her eyes never left the street.
And so she ran.


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