the exultant misanthrope

(Day 2 of my 30 days 30 stories project!)

She loved the rain.

She stared out the window, watching tiny rivers of water flow down the dusty glass, streaking it.

She loved how it softened the outline of the world, how it blurred things, the way it softened edges and corners.

It made it so much easier for her to focus when she didn’t have to stare the world in its face, cold, harsh and unblinking.

She liked it better like this.

She thinks back to last year, when she wouldn’t have lost interest in someone else’s intrests.
When she wouldn’t have felt her cheeks go ablaze, when she wouldn’t have apologized for anything.

Now she found apologies littered in every sentence that left her mouth.

She walked away from conversations that didn’t interest her, she no longer left the need to socialise. Words jumped out her mouth and off the cliff, a mountain top she hadn’t been to in a year.

Asocial. Anti social. Alone.
Never cynical, never unhappy.

She was an exultant misanthrope.

A year ago, ten minutes of uninterrupted talking and of listening to her own voice would have made her ecstatic. Her own voice droning for a minute ,now ,made her anxious.

The house was so quiet.


One thought on “the exultant misanthrope

  1. That’s ma hand.’re so beauty writer.

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