30 Days Of Short Stories

30 days of short stories
I’ve taken up a new project. It’s no surprise about how I like writing. I write poems and I write for magazines. I write songs and jokes and articles and descriptions of people. I like telling stories. Of my life, of my neighbours life, of my cousins and of my dogs. I like my putting my thoughts, or in this case, on the internet.

I think I’ve gotten past the point where I fret over how many views my page as, that really isn’t necessary. I love when someone tells me that they liked something I’ve written, but it doesn’t happen on that often.
People tend to think that as someone who writes so much, I’m get praise all the time but I don’t.

I really don’t.

All that said and done, it’s not my only goal right now, because while it is something that makes my writing better, the only other thing that can make my writing grow is thinking more.

Back to the this short story thing. So I’ll basically write one short story, fiction and non-fiction or some poetry if I feel like it, and post it here for the next 30 days. I’ll also post recipes and restyle at reviews but like I’ve mentioned before, it’s not my sole purpose.

More real soon!


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