Week 2 – wreck this journal

It’s been two weeks. I haven’t really done too many pages, not because of a lack of time but mostly because of a lack of inspiration.
Note that the whole point of the book is help you gain inspiration .


But, I wasn’t feeling inspired enough to destroy my book. Go figure.
Ive decided to make a list of things that wreck this journal has taught me so far. I call them my Wrecking Lessons. Also, saying that makes me think of ” wrecking ball ” and I’ll hum the song all day. It drives me crazy.
Lesson #1:
WTJ (wreck this journal) has taught me analyse how completely irrational I can be at times. For instance, one of the pages read,”take this book into the shower with you.”.
I was too scared to. I completely failed to understand why I was so scared, but I was.
I’ve realised that if a page can make me feel so afraid, what effect will something real have on me?

Lesson #2
I feel like I’ve gotten a tad more organized. I’m going to be really honest for a second.
If you were to take a picture of my cupboard and a that of a house after a strorm blew through it, you would say the ramshackled house is in better shape.
(If my mums reading this, she’s going to be beyond thrilled. “She’s finally taking responsibility!)
But since starting WTJ, I’ve been putting all my things in place so that I don’t have spend a whole lot of time hunting for my stuff, the next time I want to wreck.

Lesson #3
I’ve started to put all my scrapbook supplies to work.
I need to get something off my chest. Back in the 8th grade, I went through this scrapbooking faze. I bought washi tape, stickers, coloured glue(what?!), colourful fabric tape and stamps.
I realise that I still haven’t been as adventurous with the book as I want to, but at least I’ve realised that I have to work harder to wreck this journal!






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