Wreck this journal -Week One

So, I’ve been having something of a little creativity issue
Not just in my writing (which has been redundant, my journal is empty save for doodles and things I’ve scratched out) but also, in my life.

A couple of months back, I saw someone instagram Keri Smith’s Wreck this journal and the said person went on and on about how fabulous it was.
Although, her book was in very good shape (I felt like I needed to mention that since the whole point is to “wreck” the book)
It didn’t take me long to get curious and one thing led to another and before I knew it I was about to pay 30 dollars for a book that I would eventually destroy.

Uhh what was I doing?

Which is when, miraculously, I came to my senses and I decided not to buy the book. But after reading reviews and a which visit to Smith’s website, I really wanted a journal to wreck.
I tried doing some destructive things to an old notebook of mine but it in no way helped my creatively.
All I got was a lot of paper cuts.
I later realised that the journal I ruined had my bucket list in it. As usual, I didn’t have a copy.
(Who makes copies of bucket lists anyway!?)

Because I have a tendency to leave things halfway (see Eating the city)
I’ve decided to document my progress with the Wreck this journal, week after week, until I finish my project.
So here we have it:
Week One + some eye candy for ya(spot the odd one)*






*incase you couldn’t, it’s the burger



3 thoughts on “Wreck this journal -Week One

  1. That Burger and Fries 🍟 😚.. That’s too deliciously odd for wrecking post.

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