“where is this blog going?” and other pointless things I thought of this week

About a year ago, I started writing butterfingered as a food blog.
In my mind, it was to be a place for me to share recipes and only recipes. I thought, back then, that I would have enough time to bake and cook and blog almost everyday.

Life happened. I love this space and I love cooking and I love blogging, but I’ve realized that its not just food I want to write about.
Which is why, butterfingered is going to change. I want this to be, not only a place for me to write about food, but also life in general. Life, as I see it.
I am quite obviously not the same person I was a year ago, which is fine by me.
But that has meant that my focus has shifted from just talking about things to actually doing them.
This shift in the direction of my blog means two things:
1.I’ll write more often :5 days a week as opposed to my usual 1-2 times a week (let’s be honest, more like twice a month)
2.I’ll still post recipes and write about food but also about other things. Mostly, things off the top of my head.

That being said, I’m travelling to Dubai at the end of this week and hope to write about my trip when I get back. It’s also my bffffffffff’s birthday this week (ignore the enthusiasm and the abbreviation, I just had to) and I also have a killer salted chocolate chip cookie pie lined up for this week.

So here’s what my week has looked like so far:
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