Eating The City: Mumbai

Eating The City: Mumbai
Eating with an appetite and a budget

No, I’m not literally going to eat the city (it was quite obviously metaphoric and impossible, obviously). But instead, in my first (!!) mini series, I’ll be writing about places I’ve eaten in Mumbai (and other cities if and when I visit them). This is a great way for me to get to see more of the city and eat different dishes which inspire me in my cooking at home. Today, though, I’ll be writing about the Town House café.
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Let me start of by saying that they have a VERY impressive menu. The food, which I’ll get to in a bit, was incredible.
Earlier this week, after our plan for a movie got canned, two of my friends and I, decided to get a late lunch. (it was 4 in the afternoon, if you must know).
We originally decided on Sky Café (which I hope to eat at later) but Andy (she insists on being mentioned) noticed a board hanging right opposite us which read Town House café.
We crossed the street and as we approached the white door, I felt much better looking at the décor, since it definitely looked a lot better that the previous café.
(nothing wrong with it! It’s just that sitting outside under the sweltering Mumbai sun isn’t an idea I’m so hot about).
The first thing we did was look at the dessert counter and we liked what we saw.
Upon being handed the menu, I knew that we’d made a smart decision. The flavour combinations looked incredible and I honestly wanted to eat every single thing on the menu.
It was just the three of us that afternoon so we decided to order two dishes and share.
After a good 10 minutes of struggling over the menu, we finally made a decision.
We ordered the Herbed Gnocchi Mac n Cheese and The Chicken Roulade.

Two very good decisions.

The thing was, that even after we’d placed our order, we refused to leave the menus leave our grasps and we basically spent the next fifteen minutes gushing over the menu. My friend (not Andy), infact said exactly what I was thinking, outloud.
“why haven’t we been here before?”

Why indeed.

It wasn’t long before we had food on the table and oh, it smelt amazing.
Add to that the fact that we were ravenous. That meal never stood a chance.
Back to the food though.
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Out of both the dishes that we’d ordered, I definitely loved the gnocchi more.
It was rich but not overly so. The gnocchi itself were fluffy little pillows from heaven and I loved how the arugula (my favourite green!) was not overwhelming.
The gnocchi was cooked with tomato confit,jalapeno and roasted garlic in a four cheese sauce with nutmeg and fresh sage.
In short, everything you want together in bowl.
The roulade was delicious and juicy and they were definitely generous with the cheese.
It was served with a brilliant peppery sauce and garlic roasted vegetables. (I’m definitely understating the sauce, it was excellent)
It also came with green pea mash, which frankly, none of us were a fan of.

This time, I didn’t get to sample as many dishes as I would’ve liked to, but I’m going back there for sure.
And so begins the voracious tasting.
Bring it on.
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