Caramelized onion + Sweet Potato galette

So, I know I was gone for like a week. Again.
But that was only because the weather is really terrible and there was no signal, so I wasn’t able to update the blog.
Or, something like that. Maybe, a CSI marathon was involved.Maybe.

Uh huh, i’m not telling.
So, let’s eat.
This is deliciousness. Honestly, the gallette itself is so delicious and buttery and crumby(too many ands?), you’ll want to eat it plain without any toppings.
BUT the toppings? Yowza. Lets just say I’ve been putting caramelized onions in everything I eat. Heh heh heh.

Get the recipe here:

oh, and I ate this yesterday:IMG_1382
BBQ pulled pork on a corn bun with sweet pickled onions. No, I didn’t make it.
But I do have a great burger recipe I want to share.
PS: It was huge, like the size of my head. Somehow, I managed to eat a couple of macaroons after that.
I don’t even know…


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