Swiss chard salad + a bookclub update

After a long weekend of bread and eating way too many desserts, when Monday arrives,its hard to get out of bed in that massive  sugar coma.Which is why you should make this salad…..

and eat your weight in it.

Its made of swiss chard and my very favorite salad dressing which is a perfect balance of sweet and tangy! Then you add a generous amount of goat cheese which will take your salad to new heights with its salty perfection.

Unlike most salads which can hold you over for about 20 seconds this one is packed with protein packed beans that will keep hunger away.Guarenteed.Image

Grab a big bowl and mix together your dressing ingredintes:


1 tbsp olive oil

1/2 tbsp white wine vinegar

1 tbsp honey ( or maple syrup or agave or other sweetner)

salt and pepper to taste

1.Mix well to combine.Toss into swiss chard leaves and mix well to coat.Put into the fridge overnight or for atleast to two hours to allow the flavours to mingle.

2.After two hours or overnight, get your greens out and peel and chop the veggies and toss into the bowl with the olives and beans.(i soaked my beans overnight and then cooked ’ can use canned…you need 0ne cup of beans).


Now toss the salad well and season well again…ps: you wont need salt due to the saltiness of the goats can try another salty cheese like feta or add creamy hunks of ricotta and amp up the salt!

ImageNow add a BIG squeeze of lime and drizzle with a little more honey if your chard is super bitter.I have made the same salad with kale and it tastes just as good….try baby spinach or lettuce for a twist!


Plate up and enjoy!

now moving onto to the bookclub talks…

We’re officially launching the bookclub today..thanks to everyone whose been communicating to and fro with all the emails….

The book for the month will be mailed to you!

If youre intrested in joining but don’t know our emails….leave a comment and ill mail it right to ya!


3 thoughts on “Swiss chard salad + a bookclub update

  1. I’m already done with the book! 😛

  2. Whaaaat?why?…. I haven’t even started!
    K fine…new book?
    Is there a new pretty little liars book?

  3. It’s ok
    You guys take your time…I am entertaining myself with other books. You wanna do Pretty Little Liars next? Like a whole marathon of all the books? That’ll be fun!

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