You reach for the stars and you want the moon.
If you can fill in the relentless minute between where you are and where you want to be, yours is the earth and everything that’s in it. But even if you can’t, I would gift you the universe and all it’s galaxies that much you can be sure of.


Your heart can live outside of your form. Even when it’s outside of your body, it beats when you love others. You give away moieties of you to people who you love. They hold on to that iota of your heart and put it in theirs.
And that allegiance is enough to keep you alive even after you’re gone.

Immutability is a lie

There will come a day when someone mentions your name for the last time. And after that you will be consigned to oblivion.
You were merely a mote of the universe in its totality. You were a microcosm and that’s okay. Immutability is lie anyway.

I’ve been busy working a few new projects so I feel like this was a terrible month to pick to do the short story challenge. I’ll still post pieces of writing every now and then but both work and college are keeping me busy. I’ll be back to The Internets soon enough!


(The latest in the 30 day short story writing contest)
Last night, as I lay in bed, I thought about the importance of things.
I really want to say that I went t bed with the intention of pondering this, but I actually didn’t, it kinda happened.
So, it was 1 in the morning and I was warm in bed, thinking of the ways in which I could spend my birthday money. I started with thinking of a bag, and then my mind went to buying books instead so that I can actually gain something from spending said money.
I didn’t really NEED a new bag. I wanted one. I wanted a bigger and never and prettiest bag, when there was, in fact, nothing wrong with mine.
This led me to think about how often we waste our lives chasing things. We pursue objects that we think will make us happy, that we think will fill us with a sense of gratification. When is fact, fulfillment doesn’t come from things, it comes from living life the way it’s supposed to be lived. You can’t compensate for moments lost with a new bag or a new phone. You can’t make up for being lazy in the morning by staying up late.
Life is a succession of events that either make us happy or sad, but whether they metamorphose us is a choice. Letting events in life redefine your entire being is a decision and it’s a choice only you can make.

Building a better sandwich


For everyone a particular dish hold some sort of memory. A certain food holds a special place in our hearts, every bite of said meal takes us back to a place and time that was inportant to us.

Often, when we’re in the need of something happy, we reach for those foods to take us back to those moments. Foods that fill us with a sense of comfort.

Persoanaly, there’s nothing a good grilled cheese sandwich can’t fix for me. Perfectly toasted whole grain bread, good creamy cheese and se good sharp cheese, a hit of heat from the chilly flakes and a touch of butter to bring everything together.
Sandwiches make me think of picnics in the sun, road trips and early mornings with coffee and the newspaper. There’s this irreplaceable nostalgia to a goof grilled cheese and so much lies in its construction.

Here’s how to build a better sandwich:
1. Bread – the good bread is the base to great sandwich. No cheese and no amount of butter can fix stale, dry bread. Pick a good sturdy loaf, preferably whole grain, the nuttiness pairs great with whole grain mustard!
2. Cheese – I like using one cheesy cheesy like mozerella, and one sharp cheese, usually a blue cheese. Salty goats also works really well.
3. Whole grain mustard – a teaspoon of this works wonders.
4. Add ins – sometimes, I like adding fried up bacon rashers, ham, roasted tomatoes or even, arugula for some pepperiness.
5. Butter – butter thy bread.
It will make a difference.

There’s nothing a cheesy, delicious sandwich can’t fix. Every bite takes me to my happy place, and hopefully, this sandwich will help you find yours.


(Day 5 of my 30 day project)

I don’t wake up till it’s a brand new day outside. Till the sky is a deep rich blue tinged with bits of red, streaked with sparkling yellow.
Spray paint on a canvas. Crude yet stunning.
Art is art is art.
My room is cool, beautiful streams of light tinge the white walls a pale blue hue.
I can smell the ocean.
The air is full of salt and it’s breezy. The ceiling to floor windows behind me are open and I taste the air.
It tastes of salt and smoke and sunshine. The breeze smells vaguely musty, but so comforting, I want to stay here forever.

I hug my knees to my chest and still tasting sand and salt and the deep blue sea. I let myself be carried away in this wave of comfort.

terminal velocity

(Day 4 of my 30 day project!)
He stood at the edge. Bits of gravel clung to his shoe. He could smell the wet soil.
He drew in a sharp breath and leaned forward, almost on his tippy toes, flirting with jumping off.

There was a tiny tree straight below and after that it was an endless mess of blue waves, this stretch of sea green glass extended below him.

Closing his eyes, he thought back to the day before. He had left home in a flurry and his mother was equal parts hysterical and furious.
“It’s unsafe son.”
“Don’t do it. What if..what if something happens?”
“Why would you risk your life like that?!”

The last question clung to his chest, clawing at his heart. Why would he risk his life?
Cheap thrills?

He inhaled again. His body filled with the scent of freshly cut grass and rain.
“Why would you risk your life like that?”
Because why not?
If you love something, you hold on to and never ever let go. But he was so tired of holding things close to him, he had no space to move.
He wanted to feel the wind again.

The instructed whispered it was time to jump.
Without a second thought, he lept off the cliff, parachute on his back, and the wind swooshing around his body.
He felt himself tear through the layers of the universe.
He felt the wind ruffle his feathers and finally, he began to soar.